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Manual Slipper Cutting Machine (Bearing model)


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Our Manual Slipper Making Machine is very Simple In Design And Very Easy To Operated. It’s Material Is Heavy Duty Steel Body and are Sturdy In Construction. It Has Low Maintenance Costs and is Highly Productive Machine . The machine is very Cheap And Comes With Best Quality.  Our Manual Slipper Making Machine comes in Three Model :- Manual Machine, Semi Automatic Machine and Automatic Machines.

Our Manual Slipper Making Machine is designed to be simple and easy to operate. Its heavy-duty steel body ensures durability and sturdiness in its construction. With low maintenance costs and high productivity, this machine is an excellent investment. Additionally, it is affordable and offers the best quality. We offer three models: Manual Machine, Semi Automatic Machine, and Automatic Machines for your convenience.


Printing Frame


Grinder + Drill

Strap Tool

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