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Payment Methods


For Commercial use only.

Delivery, Transportation & Taxes:

  •  The machine will be ready 45 days after receiving the advance payment and the machine can be delivered 10 days after receiving the full payment of the balance amount.

  • Transportation charges & offloading charges will be extra to be borne by the client.

  • Duties & Taxes on supply (GST @ 18%) will be charged extra at the time of billing. Machine

       Capacity, Quality of Finish Product & Consumables Life:

  • The ratings given in this quotation are indications only and all the rated productions are achieved at ideal conditions at our facility only, as they depend on a number of factors such as raw material type, size, moisture in the material, etc. i.e. the quality, appearance & quantity of the end-product is based on feedstock & its blend proportion.

  • if a client wants to change the consumables to cater to different raw materials then, it will be the client’s responsibility to pay such expenses, AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS will bear no cost of the part(s) or freight.

  • The life span of consumable parts depends on the raw material input quality and its type. A preventive maintenance schedule is adhered to.

  • For Better Efficiency, Better Productivity & Better Quality always use AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS genuinespare parts.

Plant Installation & Commissioning:

  • If the installation is not done by the company then there will be no responsibility for the machine installation. If the customer calls the company's technician, the installation cost will also have to be paid in advance and the customer will also bear the travel, food and accommodation expenses.

  • Technician visit to install the machine is extra to the price, and is optional, any additional visits later will be charged.

  • Ahmed Associates Plants & Projects will require photos of the customer's plant site. Once these photos are received, they will be sent to the technician.

  • Unloading, shifting of the machine, and civil work at the installation location will be in the client’s scope only. (i.e. lifting crane, labour, electrician, shed, foundation work, etc.).

  • Client shall also provide skilled technicians for the installation of machinery & electrical job.

  • Client shall also provide a 10KVA welding set with operator while commissioning the plant if required.

  • Any shortage of material due to pilferage, misplacement, etc., during the time of installation, would be within the client’s scope.

  • Fire prevention units should be followed as per the State Fire Brigade licensing department (Fire Certificates).

  • It shall be the duty of the client to obtain all the necessary Clearances/NOC certificates from the respective Government/Semi- Government departments as per the laws applicable.

  • AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS will not be liable for any direct & indirect loss or accident that occurred at the customer site as a result of defects with machinery,including the preparation and participation in the commissioning test.

  • If the installation and commissioning of the Machinery take place without the presence of AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTST Expert, then AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS will be free from any type of product liability and guarantee obligations.

  • The connection of motor and electric panel will be done by the electrician. If the company sends an electrician, its charges will have to be paid separately and the customer will also bear the travel, food and accommodation expenses.


  • Warranty of Machine is for One Year (12 months) from the date of sale.

  • Company warrantees the equipment under normal & recommended operation.

  • Warranty for the electrical items (Motors, Panel & Gear) is not in our scope, these items have a direct warranty from their respective supplier(s).

  • The replacement/repair work done to any of the equipment during the tenure of a warranty will not increase the product's warranty.

  • One Year Warranty is only valid if Genuine AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS spare parts are used to run the plant.

  • If any Part(s) other than recommended by AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS are used to run the plant/machinery or any modification done to the Plant/Machinery without the written consent of the Company in any manner,then AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS will be free from any type of product liability, warranty, and guarantee obligations

  • If any manufacturing fault is noticed during the warranty period, then the company will repair the defective part free of cost, but the client must pay the transportation charges of such part. The client should inform within 2 working days from the time of the noticeable defect.

  • During the breakdown period, AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS bears no responsibility for any loss of production, revenue, etc

Parts which shall not be covered under warranty:

  • Wear & Tear / Consumables / Bearings/V-Belts

  • Negligence /Accident /Mishandling of Machine(s)

  • Failure or Damage Caused by Foreign Material

  • Force Majeure, Any Act of God, Natural Calamity

Safety Measures:

  • All personnel working on a plant/machine must wear all types of safety gear such as face masks, safety glasses, helmets, gloves, proper uniform, shoes, etc.

  • AHAMAD ASSOCIATES PLANTS & PROJECTS will not be liable if any injury takes place at the working site due to neglecting the safety standard operating procedures.

Packing & Forwarding:

  • Packing charges will be extra (if required)

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