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                   PLANT SOLUTIONS

Everything you need to start a solar powered manufacturing plant. 

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"अहमद सोलर प्लांट सॉल्यूशंस के साथ सोलार आटा चक्की प्लान्ट लगाये, जो सूर्य की शक्ति का उपयोग करके अनाज पीसने की क्रांति लाता है।"

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​बिजली के बिल से राहत : सोलार आटा चक्की

Ahmad Solar Plant Solutions:

Solar Atta Chakki: An Economic and Environmental Solution for Farmers

Ahmad Solar Plant Solutions has developed a solar-powered atta chakki plant. This plant provides owners relief from expensive Electricity costs by using solar electricity instead, ensuring stability for grinding wheat and other grains. This solution grants owners economic independence and aids in taking steps towards environmental preservation.

अहमद सोलर प्लांट सॉल्यूशंस ने सोलार ऊर्जा से चलने वाला आटा चक्की प्लांट विकसित किया है। यह संयंत्र गेहूं और अन्य अनाज पीसने के लिए स्थिरता सुनिश्चित करते हुए, सोलार ऊर्जा का उपयोग करके मालिक को महंगी बिजली लागत से राहत प्रदान करता है। यह समाधान मालिक को आर्थिक स्वतंत्रता प्रदान करता है और पर्यावरण संरक्षण की दिशा में कदम उठाने में सहायता करता है।

atta chakki plant
atta chakki plant

Solar Atta Chakki - RAP 30

Introducing a range of Solar Atta Chakki Plants with capacities from 150kg/hr to 500kg/hr, designed for maintenance-free, long-term operation. These plants feature 5 HP to 30 HP options and utilize Havells' IE3 Motors for optimal performance, ensuring consistent milling efficiency.

Solar Combined Atta Mill - CAM 24

The Solar Atta Mill features our Power Saver Model, specifically designed for solar energy. With a 10HP motor, attached blower, and bran removal system, it efficiently grinds atta. Its unique design ensures a daily output capacity of 1.5 tons. For more information, request the latest quotation from our factory

Atta chakki
Atta Chakki


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Partnership with India's top Solar Brands 

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Best Industrial solar solutions




Safe and easy 

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Hassle free installation


25 Years Guarantee

A synonym for trust

India’s only Flour mill manufacturer with Solar Powered Atta & food processing plant solutions

You can always rely on 

Ahamad Associates Plants & Projects

for all solutions

Protection features like dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightening arrestor

Assistance for paper work and best-fit system for maximizing your benefit

25 Years guarantee on Solar Panels

Ahmad Solar Plant Solutions

सोलार आटा चक्की: किसानों के लिए आर्थिक और पर्यावरणीय उपाय

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अहमद सोलर प्लांट आटा चक्की लगायें और अपने सुनहरे भविष्य को उज्ज्वल बनाएं

Advantages of Solar Atta Plant.

Using a solar atta chakki offers farmers several benefits in their business operations. Through this technology, they can process their products at lower financial costs, reducing their expenses and increasing profit margins. This leads to greater financial stability for them and encourages them to expand their businesses.

Deluxe Atta Chakki

Cost savings

Increased profit margins

Financial stability

Business expansion

Solar atta chakki reduces operational costs for farmers by utilizing solar energy instead of traditional electricity or diesel, leading to significant savings in the long run.

With lower operational expenses, farmers can process their products more affordably, resulting in higher profit margins for their business.

By saving on operational costs and increasing profits, farmers achieve greater financial stability, allowing them to better withstand market fluctuations and uncertainties.

The cost-effectiveness of solar atta chakki encourages farmers to consider expanding their business operations, tapping into new markets or increasing production capacity.

Solar Plant

Key Features :

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Ahamad Solar Plant Solution

provides galvanized iron mounting structures with manual provision to adjust

No dependency_edited.jpg

With this there is no

on the erratic grid power or expensive Electric Bill.

Saftey Feature.png

advanced safety features

including dry run, low voltage and lightning arrestor

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Ahamad Solar Plant Solution ensures consistent output

Consistent output is ensured with Havells' IE3 Premium series motors. authorized dealers.

Environmentally friendly design

24/7 Support

The solar flour mill is an environmentally friendly design that utilizes solar energy and reduces the reliance on conventional electricity.

Multilingual Capability for Solar Flour Mills

We're dedicated to our customers, maintaining top-tier support and unwavering quality. Opting for our team means choosing excellence and customer satisfaction as our priority

Advanced Tech

The solar flour mill is equipped with multilingual functionality, allowing users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to operate it seamlessly

The solar flour mill incorporates advanced technology, enhancing its efficiency and sustainability in grain processing.

Get in touch with us and obtain information to start your new ventures! 

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